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1. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The content and information provided on the website, including but not limited to design, distinctive features, logos, graphics, texts, documents, photographs, databases and generally any distinctive and intellectual work of the website, are intellectual and industrial owned by the Medical Bookstore HIPPOCRATES and protected by the relevant provisions of Bulgarian and Community legislation as well as international conventions. By way of exception, the books, periodicals, calendars and other products offered for sale are the intellectual property of publishers, legal and / or natural persons referred to as right holders of the rights.

2. Reproduction of the contect

It is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of the Hippocrates Bookstore, in any way, to reproduce, republish, modify, distributing, disposing, transmit, use and generally exploit all or part of the content of this site. By way of exception, it is permissible to copy and print a single copy of a portion of the content for personal and not public or commercial use, provided that the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Hippocrates Bookstore are not prejudiced.

3. Visit - use of the site

Every user is free to visit the site. The visitor / user declares and warrants that he will use the site in accordance with these terms, the applicable rules and provisions of national, community and international law and morality. The visitor / user is responsible for the repair of any damage that may be caused to the HIPPACRATIS Bookstore or any third party, by improper and / or improper use of the services or pages or any part of this site and by the introduction, publication and transmission, any information, text, software or file.

If the visitor / user does not agree or understands these terms of use, in whole or in part, they must not visit and / or use this website.

4. Right of Modification

The HIPPOCRATESMedical Bookstore reserves the right to interrupt, suspend, modify or alter, at any time and without notice, the services and information offered on this website. Also, the bookstore HIPPOCRATES reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time.

5. Disclaimer

The Hippocrates Medical Bookstore is not responsible for any damage caused to the visitor / user by accessing and using the content and the information and services offered on the site. The Hippocrates Medical Bookstore makes every effort to provide and ensure a high level of information and services through its website, but it is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of the information provided on this site.

Also, it is not responsible for any redefinition of the offer price of the products offered by the publishers as well as for any graphic or numerical errors in the prices or other elements of the products.

The Hippocrates Medical Bookstore takes the necessary precautions to ensure the proper operation of this site, but in no way does it guarantee that the contents, websites and technical facilities and capabilities of the website will be provided without interruption and without any problems or that the website and / or the servers through which it connects with the guest / user's computer will be provided without loss-making applications that have been installed unknowingly.

The Hippocrates Medical Bookstore is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer by failure to perform his contractual obligations due to force majeure or outside his control (such as, for example, failure to provide / damage the network, weather conditions, strikes etc.) .

6. Links to other sites

The site may include links, hyperlinks, advertising banners to other sites on which the Hippocrates Medical Bookstore does not carry any control and is not connected in any way. The Hippocrates Medical Bookstore is not responsible for the content, privacy policy, quality, safety, legality and accuracy of the information or services of other websites and / or pages to which it may refer through links, in any form .

For any damage that may be caused to the visitor / user from using and accessing the above mentioned websites and / or pages, the persons who exploit or operate on the relevant websites are solely responsible. Responsibility for the content, legality and validity of the content on the ad site is solely for advertisers.

7. Submission of personal information

The user who signs up to the website is required to enter personal information that is complete and true.

When registering, the user is requested to submit the following information: a) Full name of the natural person / legal person, b) Address / Residence, c) Postal code, d) Telephone number, e) E-mail.

In the event that the customer requests an invoice, he / she will have to submit his / her occupation, VAT and Tax Office.

The Hippocrates Medical Bookstore reserves the right to delete a user account if it is found that the data he or she has stated is untrue or has not been linked to his account in the last 9 months or has never transacted or used his account improperly or seeks to alters its website and its physiognomy.

8. Personal Data Protection

The HIPPOCRATES Medical bookstore has notified the Data Protection Authority of the maintenance of a personal data file and is under its control.

The management and protection of the user's personal data on this site is subject to these terms of use and to the provisions of Bulgarian and European law.

The HIPPOCRATES Medical bookstore reserves the personal nature of the user's data, which can not be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of the relevant provisions of the Law and to the competent authorities alone.

The HIPPOCRATES Medical bookstore maintains files with the user's personal information, solely for the purposes of communication, service, support and fulfillment of transactions. The user can contact the relevant department of the HIPPOCRATES Medical bookstore in order to access his personal file and ask for his correction, change or deletion, with the exception of the records the observance of which is subject to tax and other provisions.

The HIPPOCRATES Medical bookstore may send newsletters to the user's electronic or mailing address unless the latter explicitly states his / her objection.

The Hippocrates Medical bookstore may process and share statistical data, but states that it will never disclose the user's personal information.

9. Terms of Sale

All transactions made through this site are governed by the special terms of sale as stated on the relevant website (Website Help), which form a single and an integral part of these Terms of Use and its provisions Bulgarian, Community and international law on distance sales. It is clarified that the user has the right to withdraw from the sales contract within 14 calendar days of receipt by the user of a relevant notice from the bookshop HIPPOKRATE that he has accepted the order.

10. Minors

The use of the pages and services of this site to a user / visitor who is a minor is possible only with the consent of his / her parents or guardians.

11. Cookies

The HIPPOCRATES Medical bookstore, for the convenience and smooth operation of the services it provid, online through this site, the ability to use cookies.

Cookies are small alphanumeric files that are stored on the visitor / user's computer which make it easier for the visitor / user to link the web page. The use of cookies is necessary for making electronic transactions and providing specific services (such as, for example, searching for personal settings, storing pre-selected orders, etc.). If the visitor / user opts to block the storage of cookies on his / her computer via his server, it will not be possible to process his / her order.

12. Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

These terms are interpreted in Greek law. In order to resolve any dispute that may arise during the interpretation - application of these terms of use and the execution of electronic transactions through this website, exclusively competent is the Court of Sofia (Bulgaria)

13. Contact

If the visitor / user has any questions or needs any help regarding the use of this website, please contact the relevant department of the Hippocrates Medical Bookstore.