For order shipments within Bulgaria, with a total purchase value of 200.00 BGN or more, there is no charge for shipping costs. You are only charged the value of the books you selected at Hippocrates bookstore prices.

Purchases worth 0-200 BGN are charged with shipping costs of 7.00 BGN.

The charge for shipping by cash is an additional 3.00 BGN, and free of charge for orders over 200.00 BGN.

Shipping costs include both packing and handling costs.

Shipping and packaging costs are calculated per shipment and are formed from the final purchase value of the shipment.

In case the customer wishes his order to be send in two installments (e.g  the readily available to be delivered and the books expected from foreign publishing houses to be delivered separately), the calculation for shipping costs is made for each shipment separately, regardless of the single calculation made on the website.

In the event that the final market value differs from the value of the order (e.g due to a lack of stock of certain books to the issuer) and after the client has been informed that the available books have been sent to him, the calculation of the shipping costs is determined by the final value regardless of the single calculation made on the website.

Delivery orders abroad

For shipments abroad the same prices are applied to the books on the website, but interest-free installments and free shipping do not apply.

Shipments abroad are charged with shipping costs, calculated according to the weight and market value, in correspondence with the Bulgarian Post price list. The customer is informed, before completing and confirming his order, of the costs that will be charged to his purchase. Shipping costs include packing costs (packing materials and packaging) and other management costs that burden the cost of the expense abroad.

Foreign purchases are carried out only by credit card or by contact with a deposit on the bank account.

Shipment and delivery time

The time of shipment from the Hippocrates bookstore is typically 2-4 business days from the day after the order, as long as the site indicates that books are readily available. If your order includes books that are listed on the website that are available provided to stock availability from the publisher, this time may be extended by an extra 1-2 business days.

Daily weekdays are calculated as working days (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

For foreign publishers' books that are not readily available, the corresponding time is 3-4 weeks. The time of shipment for books ordered by contact is determined and agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Shipments in Bulgaria are done with a courier company (Ekont) and you will receive them at the address you have stated. For those areas where courier services are remote and inaccessible, shipments are made with the Bulgarian Post and are received either from the postal distributor or at your local post office. Shipments abroad are only made with the Bulgarian Post.

At the same time as your order is sent, your account is notified of its execution and you receive an email (if your order has been completed with the predefined steps on the website).

For shipment within Sofia, delivery will be by courier (Ekont) to your address, usually the next working day. For the rest of Bulgaria, as a rule, the next day or the day after tomorrow, working day. For postal dispatches in remote areas, delivery time depends on the times of the Bulgarian Post for the area, usually 2-4 business days after shipment. For postal dispatches abroad, the delivery times depend on the times of the Bulgarian Post, but also the postal times of the country of destination.

Special reasons (for example, ordering a non-readable book from a publisher outside Sofia, delaying the delivery of a non-readable book under the responsibility of the issuer, holiday periods during which some publishers close, or during festivities, strikes, etc.) may prolong the delivery times. Reasons for force majeure (e.g exceptional weather conditions or other factors affecting shipment) may prolong delivery times.

Receiving from our bookstore

You can order books from the site where you commit to your name so that - if you wish - you can pick them up from our store (Vitosha 120, Sofia). This way, especially for books that are relatively scarce, you will ensure that during your visit you will already be in our store and you will not need to order them at that time.

An order that includes books that are readily available on the Web site is executed and is ready for pickup on the next or the day after tomorrow business day. If there are books on the website that are subject to stock availability to the publisher, the same times apply for shipments (2-4 weeks for abroad publisher’s books).

Weekdays (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) are calculated as working days.

Upon completion of your order as whole, you will automatically receive an email informing you that the books are ready for picking and reserved in your name. The commitment is valid for the next 15 days after sending the informative e-mail.

It goes without saying that, for the pickup from our stores, there is no cost charge, regardless of the purchase price.

Send a gift to another recipient

You can order books from the site that will be sent as a gift on your behalf, to another recipient and another address you have indicated in the steps of completing your order.

The recipient will receive your gift with a document that will not mention the prices of the books, while the Bid with the prices and the value of the shipment will be sent to you electronically or by post. In the document accompanying the gift, you will be referred to as your originator.

Shipping and delivery times are the same as the times applicable to all orders. The same applies to shipping and packing costs, there is no extra charge for sending a gift.

In the case of a gift order, only payment by credit card is valid, as the payment is obligatorily linked to the payment of the order by the recipient.